Salvation Mountain

View from Mount Sinai
Image released to public domain via Wikipedia


There’s something about God and mountains–or maybe there’s something about people and mountains. Whatever the truth, you can find a lot of high places in the Bible, raising humans above the everyday and opening them to the presence of God. Think: Noah on Ararat, Moses ascending Sinai, Jesus’ Transfiguration, and the psalmist lifting up eyes to the hills.  So perhaps it’s not surprising that there exits a place in the lower desert of Southern California called Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain is an art installation, and a highly personal and expression of faith created by Leonard Knight. Knight’s goal was simple, to proclaim the message “God is Love.” The site is monumental, reflecting both the greatness of God’s love and the intensity of Knight’s passion. And it’s quirky, giving us the opportunity to stand in the shoes of some of Noah’s neighbor’s for just a bit. You can explore the mountain further through photojournalist Aaron Huey’s beautiful, compelling pictorial essay.


Salvation Mountain
Wikimedia Commons; photo by Joe Decruyemaere licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0


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  1. RovingLibrarian says:

    Powerful digital storytelling about one person’s encounter with Leonard Knight and the mountain. Thanks to Cogdog for the link.

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