Getting ready: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

And now for something a little different as we move through Advent…

This is a classic YouTube video. A guy sits on his bed, says a few introductory words, and plays a song on his guitar.  You can find a lot of these, and a lot of them are pretty interesting, but this one I wanted to share. I like the way Johnnybluelabel noted in the caption that he was playing a 1996 Lowden O10 guitar. (I always look at the headstock to see what kind of guitar people play.) And his voice and the arrangement of this hymn remind me of Bruce Cockburn–whose album “Christmas” I have enjoyed for many years.  But most of all I think I like this video because it is unpolished. Just something to help the bass player get ready for Sunday.  Maybe it will help us get ready, too.



  1. Lance G. says:

    I love that song. I can also remember seeing a Lowden guitar for the first time in an Atlanta music store in, interestingly enough, 1996 (where I ended up buying the MUCH less expensive Martin DM). To this day, I’ll always remember how that guitar sounded–I’ve always thought about getting one some day. Thanks for the post, Alice.

  2. Ellen Woodworth says:

    Interesting harmonization!

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