The Saint on a Swing: Proculus of Verona

St. Proculus escapes Verona
9th c. fresco
Church of San Procolo, Naturno


Lately I’ve been feeding my head by following a number of medievalists on Twitter. They post wonderful images from manuscripts and paintings that I’ve never seen before and would likely never find without their help. Here’s an intriguing fresco from the Church of San Procolo courtesy of Erik Kwakkel, a Medieval book historian at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Proculus of Verona was a 4th century bishop who survived the Great Persecution of Christians by Diocletian. This painting shows him being lowered from a window on a swing. If you’d like to see more of the interior of this tiny church, watch the video tour embedded below. I can’t translate the Italian, but it will give you sense of the space.

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