Welcome, Delightful Morn

Carmina Sacra Image: archive.org

Carmina Sacra by Lowell Mason, 1841
Image: archive.org


This morning as the sun is shining and the snow is melting, I’ll share a suite of hymns arranged for flute and harp by Kathryn Cater and Sandy Norman. They begin with “Welcome Delightful Morn,” an old hymn that’s new to me. The words are by Thomas Hayward (who also wrote “From Greenland’s Icy Mountains”). The tune is Das Lie­ben Bringt Groß Freud, by Fried­rich Sil­cher, who took it from a Swa­bi­an folk tune. Silcher’s tune was ar­ranged by Low­ell Ma­son and published in his Car­mi­na Sac­ra, (se­cond ed­i­tion, 1841). There seems to be a bit of Ellis Island-like confusion surrounding the tune. Some hymn­als name the tune “Lisch­er” (a mis­spell­ing of “Sil­cher”?), or er­ron­e­ous­ly give Sil­cher’s name as “Schnei­der.”

Dr. Mason would probably want us all to be singing instead of just listening, so I’ll include the words to this first hymn and leave it up to you. Have a blessed Sabbath.


Welcome, delightful morn,
Thou day of sacred rest!
I hail thy kind return;
Lord, make these moments blest;
From the low train of mortal toys,
I soar to reach immortal joys,

Now may the King descend,
And fill His throne with grace;
Thy scepter, Lord, extend,
While saints address Thy face:
Let sinners feel Thy quickening Word,
And learn to know and fear the Lord,

Descend, celestial Dove,
With all Thy quickening powers;
Disclose a Savior’s love,
And bless the sacred hours:
Then shall my soul new life obtain,
Nor Sabbaths be enjoyed in vain,


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