You are the Open Door


Photo credit: elcasfoto

Photo credit: elcasfoto


You are the Open Door
that beckons me in;
peeking around the door frame,
I begin to enter into Your glory.

You move me forward, O Eternal,
to step beyond self-made boundaries:
lift my foot over the threshold
that I might abide with You.

In the house of the Eternal
I found my questions:
waiting to be posed
they filled me with wonder.

Sit with me, Eternal Teacher,
encourage my seeking:
as I fill my hours with Your mitzvot,
so shall I be filled.

Send me through Your door
stretching up to honor Your Name,
sharing out this wonder,
enriching myself in the giving.


Baruch atah, Adonai, notei-a, b’rocheinu chayei olam.
Blessed are you, Adonai, who plants within us eternal life.


from Mishkan T’filah. A Reform Siddur. Central Conference of American Rabbis/CCAR Press, Elyse Frishman, editor, p. 129.

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