Special Invitation

I’ve been looking at postcards again.

Here’s one sent by Mrs. Gridley in 1912



and a lovely, delicate drawing of children listening to a Rally Day greeting over crystal radio headsets.



And then I found this invitation to a youth group outing with Peter Max-inspired fireworks.





A few traces of the Church’s imagination and practice that happened to catch my eye.


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  1. Sis says:

    If I can bring my pet I’ll be there! Seriously, I have had Christmas Sunday morning service and told the kids the week before to bring their favorite gift for the service. Like it might encourage them to leave the bounty at home and come for worship! The eternal question: How do we make the Good News more appealing to the reluctant, the reprobate, the recalcitrant,and those who just have ‘better’things to do?

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