A while back I was reading an article about snake-handlers, and I began to think about all the varieties of Christian practice in the world: the snake handling, the praise services, the incense and the candles—all of us mostly expressing some truth about ourselves while grasping at a tiny part of the Great Truth. It struck me then and still, how incredibly generous God is to permit us so many different avenues of access. Human diversity is amazing of course, but I marvel at a deity who would deign to reveal even tiny bits of his reality in so many different ways.

This website is a response to what I perceive as God’s grace manifest in the world and in the people who seek him.  Think of it as a cabinet of wonders, a place in which to ponder and explore, and a workspace for understanding the intersection of God and creation.


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  1. Bob says:

    Remember J B Phillips, YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL

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